Findingspaces.co is an online platform that connects the divide between Individuals, Businesses and great spaces. Our core mission is to provide the perfect fit for vacant venues to match the needs of all our clients for short-term purposes.We believe in the inspirational power of highly intelligent people and their ability to transform empty space to create value, generate ideas and inspire creativity. FindingSpaces.co creates a panacea for freelancers, entrepreneurs, individuals, organizations and investors who are seeking memorable experience to exhibit their creativity in many prime locations and venues.Be it conferences, films scenes, product launches, charity events, brand exhibitions or offsite meetings, FindingSpaces.co will always be there to make it happen. Whether your needs are Personal, official or commercial, finding your space is just a click away.


At FindingSpaces.co, our aim is to provide authentic value to clients with innovative solutions and practices that bring a smile to everyone’s face. We constantly strive to connect businesses and individuals with practical solutions for their space needs in a manner that each location resonates the ideals of the program and keys into the very needs of the client. We believe no 2 events are the same and treat each need as unique. Our unwavering commitment to delivering excellent services that bring clients to the right space for their events with style and perfection is our strongest character.